Wiha Destornillador de precisión PicoFinish® TORX® (42479) T6 x 40 mm


Referencias específicas

  • Facilitates handling: Extra-long rotating cap ensures optimum feed.
  • Increases your efficiency: Screwdriver handle size concept for an optimal balance between precision and control.
  • Increases your precision: Sensitive working and controlled power transmission thanks to the slim handle with a soft grip.
  • The challenge in precision screw fastenings is to work meticulously and carefully without damaging the work piece. Thanks to their long, slim handles and quick-turning zone, Wiha PicoFinish® fine screwdrivers are ideal for delicate and high-precision tasks in precision mechanics as well as for hobbyists and model building. Its ergonomic handle design with a soft zone makes it comfortable to use. The smooth-running rotating cap allows users to turn the screwdriver quickly and sensitively. The printed screwdriver symbols on the rotating cap make it easier to select the right screwdriver profile.
  • Application: Ideal for delicate and high-precision fastening tasks for precision mechanics, model-making and hobby activities.
  • acero al cromo-vanadio-molibdeno de alta calidad, templado continuo y acabado cromado mate
  • punta de varilla Wiha ChromTop que garantiza la máxima exactitud dimensional
  • mango con tapa giratoria y zona de rotación rápida
  • ideal para trabajos exactos en componentes electrotécnicos y de precisión
16 g
longitud de la hoja visible
40 mm
longitud del destornillador
140 mm
diámetro del mango
18 mm
Round blade dimension
2.5 mm